Update: IDEA Plugin Development

I’ve spent most part of this easter monday working on basic Ruby syntax hilighting for IDEA. (See the previous posts for some more context..) I’ve got a simple lexer and the “surrounding” classes finished in a “proof-of-concept” way.

The funny thing, however, is,that “surrounding” means about 10 classes.. Anyway, I’ll check out some more of the JavaScript example code provided by JetBrains. Quite useful to get you started in the world of “We don’t need no useful APIs”.. :)

What becomes quite apparent quickly is that you should probably use something like “flex” to generate your lexer code. But I wonder how IDEA handles the XML filetypes stuff.. I never worked with anything remotely compiler-related (I mean yacc, etc, not the compiler itself.. :). So I have to check out flex next..


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