Things I do like about Ruby (it’s not Lisp)

Well, I guess he has some points here about Ruby.

But he’s missing the obvious: LISP looks ugly and strange.. :) Well, not really.. But I do prefer the way I can write and read Ruby code. And maybe this is the really obvious part: You can write ugly code in every language. It’s just nice to know that Ruby code can look quite beautiful.

And not that I’m too serious about that, but is ‘significant whitespace’ really worse than having something like (excuse (me (what (is with this (weirdness))))? Oh! I missed a closing one..

OK. Back to the wonderful world of J2ME.. :)


World Cup? TVU!

i’m not really a big soccer fan. but somehow, inbetween work and some other projects, i really like having the TVU Player on my screen.

the really funny thing is the one minute delay. this way i can concentrate on work and only switch to tvu if i hear the crowds (watching on their TVs outside/inside/whereever) screaming. this way i get all the interesting parts of the games.. more or less like they are presented after the games anyway, but.. well.. live.. somehow.. :)

probably the coolest part is that i’m currently working outside on a very comfortable chair in my favourite cafe most of the time. using their free wifi.. enjoying the sun.. watching some soccer.. doing some work.. life can be hard.. :) and did i mention i’m doing quite some ruby coding right now? (well, it’s been j2me for the last few days..)


Ruby: Game on?

I’ve spent some time over the weekend working on a game engine in Ruby. Using RUDL and RubyInline I was able to implement the basics of my old game engine approach within a few hours. Compared to the Symbian C++ terror a few years ago this was real fun.. :)

But Ruby, Python, etc are of course limited in their ‘gaming capabilities’. I have to think about where I want to go with this new approach. Basic questions like: Embed Ruby or inline code in Ruby? Ruby at all (Or Python for that matter..) How do I get the benefits of a nice language like Ruby but still keep all options for optimizing critical system areas.

What I’d like to do in the long run is – for example – have a simple executable file as an end result. With Ruby this is a problem. Ruby2EXE and other similiar approaches are BS. Another option I’d like is to have is a Java Applet or Flash file as the end result.

Well.. it’s late.. I probably shouldn’t try writing stuff like that.. :)



Oh, how I wish for a 12 Monkeys virus sometimes..

Grab a copy of Earthlings on The Pirate Bay. Or try Google Video. Enjoy!


Ruby Fox?

got the wrong web-site while looking for some more info on the FOX GUI for Ruby. i like it a lot more than the FXRuby page: Ruby Fox


All of mp3.. The perfect enemy.. :)

Good post found on reddit: The Enemy or the Perfect Model?

Heck yeah I’ll check out the new Dixie Chicks album for $1.87, American Idol Season 5 Encores for $1.12, or Red Hot Chili Peppers’ (double-CD) latest for $3.45. Would I at full U.S. price? No way – I have more important things to do with $50: I have a wife, house, and four kids.

I’m not so sure about buying red hot silly shitters, idol crap and the dixie chicks.. even for $0.01.. personally, I mean.. But I totally agree with his argumentation.. :)


Ruby GUI Toolkits

i just looked into the current situation concerning GUI toolkits for Ruby. one word: BS

wxruby, fxruby, ruby/qt, ruby/gtk.. (not to mention the tcl/tk bs..) well.. the list goes on..

you know something about java’s swing? it works pretty nice by now. on my win-box, my linux-server and even on osx. (tested it on my minimac – which i was able to sell for some good money a short time ago. lucky me.. osx free again! not feeling gay anymore these days.. :)

well, of course theres is a huge difference between java’s swing and fxruby (for example, or wxruby, ..). the difference is about 50 mb.. :) but still: all these little problems with Ruby’s GUI toolkits.. really annoying..

and yes, of course it’s cool to use closures in ruby to handle events, etc.. and you have to know a little bit about swing to make the java code look nice.. or.. well.. as nice as it gets.. :)

anyway, i wonder what the best solution would be for a Ruby GUI toolkit.. from my point of view.. something light-weight.. cross-plattform API to native widgets.. small native ruby extension.. as much functionality as possible implemented in ruby, not in the native part.. in fact, i’d also accept non-native widgets.. the most important part would be to not rely on any other native libraries except the ruby extension part.. have to think about this a bit more.. probably a nice new pet project..


quick update: here’s an example of what i mean..

icons =, ID_ICON, “&Icons”,,5), Wx::DEFAULT_SIZE, iconNames, 1, Wx::RA_SPECIFY_COLS)
evt_radiobox(ID_ICON) {|event| on_change_icon(event)}

worse than swing, don’t you think?


I’m listening to Dave’s latest solo shows in London at the moment. Man, I should have tried getting tickets.. F*ck it.. :/

Now I’m wondering: What would it take to get Dave playing in Berlin. That would be so frickin awesome..

Anyway, here are the torrents to the London shows: dm060513flac.torrent and dm2006-05-12.at800.flac16.torrent. (You probably ahve to login to first. It’s free. And full of good stuff.. :)

Lots of seeders. So it should be a fast download. I keep seeding, too, for at least a few more weeks. Actually I have a dedicated Dave Disk in my server. Seeding between 50 and 100 shows.. :)


Language Trickery

This guy, Andrew, has a nice post up: Language Trickery

Here’s my two cents..

Of course I’d love to see closures in Java. I think Sun is stupid like shit about not improving the language and only working on the API.

But hey, there is Groovy, right? And there have been ‘pre-compilers’ for Java before to add generics, closures, etc. Why aren’t they more popular?

Here’s my guess: With Java in the beginning it was all about being easier than C/C++ (think: for the masses..). But now, now it’s a lot about the IDE. Too much about the IDE probably.. And Groovy isn’t there yet.. It may have a better chance than Ruby to get there. But the really important thing is, imho, that you just don’t need that much IDE support when working with Ruby.

Anyway, what about the LoopObject Andrew made up. Of course, nothing beats a for-loop-syntax construct. But you can do a lot better with OO. How about using a builder-like syntax:

Loop.from( 10 ).to( 20 ).step( 2 ).do( new LoopBody() { .. } )

Looks pretty safe (and as nice as it can get) to me. Just a thought..

Well, to avoid misunderstandings: My favourite language right now is Ruby. (Unfortunately I ran into several corners with it concerning it’s bad performance in certain contexts. Nothing I can’t solve with some little C/C++ extensions. But that’s another topic.. :) I looked at Haskel, Ocaml, Scheme, Lisp, etc but I guess I’m not ready yet. Took me some time to get to Ruby. From Java, over Groovy and JRuby.. :)

The other day I read this. I think there’s some truth in there. Lisp and Scheme may be superior in many ways. But the ‘syntax’ just stinks.. :)

Enough ranting for today. Time to enjoy the sun..


Broken? Again? :)

just found this on reddit: Nearly All Binary Searches and Mergesorts are Broken.

quite funny in a way..