IntensiTris Hiscores // RunME J2ME Emulation Layer

Over the weekend I improved the hiscore handling of IntensiTris. There’s now a website that shows the hiscore tables in the browser. I have yet to decide how many different hiscore tables I want for this game.. :) It’s just that a single hiscore for WebTris, IntensiTris, SimpleTris and BasicTris is definitly not OK.. Because these different versions of the game play very differently..

Anyway, the more interesting thing is the RunME emulation layer. More or less what ME4SE does. But with a focus on higher performance in the graphics output. I get decent framerates (30-40 FPS) on my workstation, notebook and linux server. But a friend’s MiniMac (old ppc crap model) renders the game at only about 2-4 FPS. No idea why that is..

I’ll definitly work on improving this RunME thing. It improves the turnaround times when developing J2ME stuff. Of course it doesn’t remove the need for testing the code in the WTK and on the devices. But implemeting the basic logic and most of the non-critical code is just so much easier when you can stay inside IntelliJ IDEA and run the application within one second.. No preverifying and no bundling.. Just hit F5 and test the gameplay and the new features.. Nice!


IntensiTris: Tetris with a blast :)

My task at work is optimizing some J2ME code. Can’t say too much. I’ll just say ‘navigation’ :) It’s not that easy to make this stuff run within the limiting constraints of small (read: old) J2ME phones.

I got fed up with it. And with IntensiTris around I though why not add another feature. Because I really was fed up, I could only think of things like destruction, dynamite, etc.

So I added a ‘detonate tile’ feature to IntensiTris. Use # on the phone or RETURN in the WebStart version to detonate the active tile. It’s good fun. And really useful with the phones where it’s really hard to control the game because of the crap stick and/or key interface..


Check it out here.



I had a bet running with a guy: Can I implement a Tetris game within one day for J2ME while sitting in the cafe? (I’m usally sitting in the cafe. Working.)

I failed.

Took me two days to have the game complete. I’ve spent the rest of the weekend adding a Java Web Start wrapper to make it playable on the desktop.

Check it out here: IntensiTris Project Page

The J2ME builds are tested on a 6630 and K750.

Here’s a screenshot from the WebStart version: