Seeking the Joy in Java

He’s asking: “How much more productive would I be with closures in Java?”

I’m asking: “How many hours (days? weeks? months? years?) have I already spent with writing unnecessary Java statements?”

Everytime I wrote
for ( int i = 0; i < myArray.length; i++ ) { myArray[ i ].callIt(); }
it could have been
myArray.each { |i| i.callIt(); }

Even worse: All the little function blocks that could have been used as 'delegates'.. What did we do instead? For all those years? Write a full class. Or at least an anonymous class. And that is obviously only the tip of the iceberg.. Thanks, James! :)


Galaxina :)

I worked on another game/demo thing over the weekend:


Check out the website and give it a try.

Thanks to the Psychocell guys for supporting me with some nice gfx!



Another one of these PC2MAC posts:

Now I’m a believer

Apart from many other little things, the number one reason for not using OSX is: No dope! And I’m talking about this.

I still think the OSX UI looks ugly as hell. I use the silver scheme with XP and I think this is bearable :) I wouldn’t mind a nice Ubuntu or OSX box if a fully integrated windows emulation is possible where I can run dope and switch to a nicer UI.. But hey, that’s still not possible. So I still say: OSX is a no-go! Too bad I have to live with the ugly windows foundation. Wouldn’t hurt to have a nixe Linux/Unix layer instead of the NT crap.. I guess CygWin must do for now..


The Sergeant

While driving through my hood I noticed a new bike shop. Unfortuntaly I stopped to check it out. So I took home with me a new bike.. :)

Here’s a first picture of the bike after doing some initial work on it:


It’s like a BMX Cruiser / MTB thing.. Should be a lot of fun.. :)


Good weekend?

It’s been raining most of the time this weekend. Horrible. Looks like the summer is over. Time to move to a place at the sun..

Anyway, I kept myself busy with another retro game. It’s still from version 1.0, but already playable. You can check it out here: Galaxian Homepage. (Note: Sometimes I upload a test version with the enemies moving at light speed. I’m still working on the enemy attack logic. Therefore I don’t want to play through the ‘swarm entering’ stage all the time.

As with IntensiTris, the game is playable via WebStart and on J2ME phones.