Java, Ruby and Bruce

I just flipped through Bruce Tate’s slides on 10 Things Java Should Steal from Ruby.

Is he right on ‘Refactoring does not require static typing!’? I don’t think so. Not entirely at least. It’s probably a lot about how much the refactoring browser can do for you. And the SmallTalk thing really gets into your code.. :)

He is right on ‘Dynamic typing Would change the nature of Java (I believe for the better)’. Together with closures, these two can catapult Java into a new future.

What I like most: ‘Ruby 2.0 will not preserve complete backward compatibility And that’s a good thing’. Unfortunately Ruby 2.0 looks a bit like vapourware, doesn’t it? But breaking backwards compatibility is the best thing you can do. Keep alive the old version. Maintain it as long as it is important. But let things evolve. Make clean cuts. Get rid of past mistakes.

Overall, the Language Wars remain being interesting.. :)

Time to do write some Lisp and Haskell code.. Gee. Kidding.

Update: Give this a look, too. It’s language war day today! Who cares about Bush in Utah, Israel fighting ‘someone’.. We got them wars of of our own.. :)



I started selling most of my books. If you wanna help me out – hard times these days – have a look at my Amazon listing.

The funny thing about it is that I don’t mind selling most of these books. I still keep about 25% of my books – the really good ones – of course. Damned. Now you probably don’t look at the offered ones, right? Fukkit.

But seriously. It’s nice to have a large book library. But why would I need all this UMl shit? I needed them back at the university when I wrote my master thesis about that kind of stuff. But it’s completely useless crap now. The same goes for the advanced compiler building stuff. I don’t understand the basic compiler building stuff. What do I need the advanced crap for?

And hey. Talking about Andy and Dave in the previous post.. I’m selling (just sold btw) the Agile Gay Dev with Rails book and the Pickaxe book along with the Pragmatic Gay Started Kit. Crap. Crap. Crap. Get the PDF version of the Pickaxe. Everything else you need is on the web anyway.

Well. Amen. I guess.


Joel at it again.. My 2 cents..

You’ve probably seen this. Joel on Language Wars. I found a funny response here.

All I can say: Ruby is still far enough from mature. Why are all the Ruby bitches denying that? They are no better than those stupid Java or .NET advocates who believe their language doesn’t suck. They all suck. Somehow. And you should read The Pragmatic Programmer” if you think otherwise. (But be careful. Don’t believe all the hyped shit Andy and Dave are telling you. They have to make a living, too, you know..)

Read the early posts on Ruby in this blog to learn about some maturity issues of Ruby. Or don’t. I don’t care.. :)