Java, Ruby and Bruce

I just flipped through Bruce Tate’s slides on 10 Things Java Should Steal from Ruby.

Is he right on ‘Refactoring does not require static typing!’? I don’t think so. Not entirely at least. It’s probably a lot about how much the refactoring browser can do for you. And the SmallTalk thing really gets into your code.. :)

He is right on ‘Dynamic typing Would change the nature of Java (I believe for the better)’. Together with closures, these two can catapult Java into a new future.

What I like most: ‘Ruby 2.0 will not preserve complete backward compatibility And that’s a good thing’. Unfortunately Ruby 2.0 looks a bit like vapourware, doesn’t it? But breaking backwards compatibility is the best thing you can do. Keep alive the old version. Maintain it as long as it is important. But let things evolve. Make clean cuts. Get rid of past mistakes.

Overall, the Language Wars remain being interesting.. :)

Time to do write some Lisp and Haskell code.. Gee. Kidding.

Update: Give this a look, too. It’s language war day today! Who cares about Bush in Utah, Israel fighting ‘someone’.. We got them wars of of our own.. :)


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