Respect life..

No wonder we fight other religions. No wonder we abuse our children. It’s always just another boundary drawn by individuals to suit their needs.

A race that lost respect.. Humanity.. WTF..

Linux Update

after a few days working with linux..

i REALLY miss directory opus. and i miss the way i can work with word. open office still has some way to go. it’s simply not as tight as word is – if you know your way around.. but above all i hate that hibernate and suspend are simply NOT working reliable. suspend works nearly perfect on my ubuntu laptop. hibernate doesn’t work there at all. on my gentoo workstation i was able to get suspend working in the console and in an empty X session. but start a few more things and nearly no chance to suspend successfully. and forget about hibernate..

obviously it is only a matter of configuration and knowing about what modules to unload and what to work-around. but it’s tedious if you don’t know the solution, yet.. :)

anyway, i simply love what linux does to my old 1.8 ghz centrino workstation. working with intellij under winxp was a PITA. now with linux, everything is incredibly faster. i’m not joking. it’s simply amazing.

i’m also pretty happy with fusesmb. my networking just got simpler. i always had little problems with my old winxp setup. again this is probably because i’m too stupid and don’t know enough about samba and shit. but hey, i can’t know all this shit.. :)

it’s also interesting to see the way i went through gnome, a mixed gnome/kde environment and then ended up with a kde desktop that looks quite a bit like my old winxp setup.. :)

anyway.. enough for now..