Proud to be a Human..

Found this one on The.Pirate.Bay: The Emotional World of Farm Animals

Right now it’s still on Google Video. You can find some more videos there from the same user. Fucked up world.

Sometimes it feels really good to be part of this intelligent and highly educated race.. :/


Pirates ftw!

Two amazing things about this /. article: Interview With Pirate Party Leader Rick Falkvinge

First: I nearly lost hope in face of all this stupid surveillance, IP and enforcing copyright crap going on world-wide. Let’s hope Sweden will save our freedom! It looks like Rick Falkvinge knows what he is doing. Let’s hope there are some more wise men around who stand up against the big companies. Being in Germany, it’s weird to know that everything I’m doing right now in the Internet, every web site I read, every link i click, every post I write, is logged by my ISP and available to “authorities”. Good job, Germany! Yes, you got me. I’m an evil terrorist trying to copy Hollywood movies and sell them for big money. Woohoo.. :)

Second: Read through the /. comments. There are really people who don’t get it. How brain dead must one be to think that all that is going on in the last few years with software patents, DRM, enforcing copyrights will help us? It’s like starting a war after a terrorist attack. Doh..

Make fucking love – not war.
Give – don’t take.



Rails – A final verdict? :)

If you haven’t read Zed’s rant, yet, do so now: Rails Is A Ghetto

Here are my two cents..

I never got into RoR myself. Looked at it. Saw some weird stuff. Dropped it. When I had to write some “web services” I wrote my own stuff. No Mongrel at that time. Later, when Mongrel was around, I had to work with it. And, well, it was ok. But I saw things I didn’t like. But I guess if you could see my code, you’d puke.. :) So what the heck..

But what about Zed.. He’s funny.. The rant is funny.. But I did not really get the ‘smart’ part. About smart people and everything.. Wouldn’t someone ‘smart’ see it coming all along? Now he doesn’t exactly say he’s smart (or that he’s not).. But I’m saying: It’s a funny rant. But in a way it’s also redundant. Look at the Rails community.. That’s enough.. :)

I currently enjoy writing Java code for the J2ME platform. How sick is that? Pushing my second (commercial) mobile project out the door. Woohoo. 2008 – The Java Year. LOL. Looking forward to Android already..

Whatever.. Happy New Year, I guess..