Donald Knuth

Well, what can I say.. I got distracted by this rather interesting interview with Donald Knuth.

It reminds me of my early years at the university. I feel like I can share Knuth’s point of view on many topics. Like Extreme Programming, Parallel Programming and “everything else”. But I also understand the thrive for new approaches like Extreme Programming and everything related to multi-cores and parallelism. It’s fair to say that I have two hearts beating in my chest.

My early years at the university I learned the old ways. Older professors. Older ideas. Still relevant! Make no mistake there.. But after a few years I noticed a shift. The professors noticed it, too, I guess. And most adapted successfully. I (we all, I guess) went through the Unified Process and the Personal Software Process to Extreme Programming and beyond.

I’ve spent six and a half – mostly good – years at the University of Karlsruhe. Blessed with professors like Tichy and Goos and some more who’s names I don’t recall correctly right now..


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