Windows 7 – Another one to skip..

From time to time I help people clean up their laptops and PCs. Uninstall stuff. Reinstall the OS. And things like that.

When Windows Vista came around I started telling people sorry, can’t do it. Don’t want to do it. Luckily for me most people skipped Vista. Those with Vista came running to me with Wifi trouble and stuff like that. And I usually shrugged my shoulders and say sorry. Well, we all know what a great job Microsoft did with Vista.. :)

Now there’s Windows 7. And for some time it looked like it could be a replacement for Windows XP. Finally.

But it’s not. It’s crap. The same as Vista. Same problems. New problems. Usability is really bad. We don’t have to get into any discussions about security I assume. With the latest IE8 hacks out there it is futile for anyone to defend Microsoft in the area of security.

Anyway, I have to continue shrugging my shoulders and will continue to urge people to stick with Windows XP as long as possible. Or switch to Ubuntu/Linux. A few converters are really happy with Ubuntu. The switch does make sense by now. If you are into games you can keep a dual boot Windows partition or switch to a console. But don’t bother with the Windows 7 crap as your main desktop OS.. Please..


JamJam – Released at last!

It’s been a major struggle to get this game online. But here it is now: JamJam at Jamba

This is a little milestone for me. I have a few other apps online. But JamJam is the first application (and the first commercial game) I consider a major release. It may not look like much, but apart from the game itself, all the used frameworks and tools are available as open-source by now. (See my github page for details.)

This was all part of the “release”: The IntensiGame framework, the RunME emulation layer for development, the IntensiBuild system for building against the different J2ME device specs, and of course JamJam, the game itself.

Well, time moved on. And so did I. Android is the new thing now.. Expect an initial IntensiDroid release, soon.. :)