Dean Wampler on Programming Languages

Just read through this quite interesting interview with Dean Wampler.

Talking a lot about Scala. Clojure, Haskel, Ruby, JavaScript. Multi-Paradigm and Polyglot programming.

To be honest: I haven’t heard of Dean before today. :) But when I read Object Mentor and Uncle Bob, I knew I should keep on reading..

So if you got some minutes, watch the video or read the notes..


Android Development – Status Report 2

Three weeks passed in no time. Here’s another quick status report on my Android porting efforts.

After my initial port of JamJam which resulted in the DroidShock release to be found here, I started porting my IntensiGame example project: Galaxina.

I squashed a multitude of bugs in IntensiDroid – the IntensiGame implementation for Android. Added some core functionality that DroidShock didn’t use. And ended up with a first solid IntensiGame release.

Still only working with my Samsung Galaxy I am waiting impatiently for my G1 and the Nexus One. With my PSYCHOCELL buddies jumping on the Android bandwagon I have a few Android devices for testing available soon. Hopefully this will fix the OpenGL/EGL issues that I still have with the G1 and the Droid in no time.

Grab the alpha release Android packages from the Galaxina page on

I recommend the non-OPENGL version. Both versions render at about the same frame rate. And the non-OPENGL looks a lot nicer.

But if you want to help me out, please test the OPENGL version, too, and send me some feedback. Does it run at all? Gfx messed up? Etc..

I will go back now to DroidShock and start playing with the more Android specific concepts like using touch for more control options and integrating sensor data.


Food Inc

I know it doesn’t make much sense to appeal to you people out there about this.. In a world gone mad.. What’s the point? But hey, you just ignore it then, aight?

Get this movie and watch it:
Food Inc at IMDB
Food Inc Homepage
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Enjoy Life! Respect Life! Go Vegan!

There are so many things in life you can have fun with.. Make your choices.. Wisely..


Wheat Flour Soy Vanilla Milk Pancakes

150g wheat flour
250ml soy vanilla milk

that’s all you need after a long day of coding..


Android Development – Status Report

I’ve spent the last two weeks porting JamJam, IntensiGame and the related projects to Android. It’s been an interesting ride..

On the one hand, Android is a relief coming from J2ME.. :) The development environment is fun. The emulator is usable. Startup time is crazy, of course. But what emulator isn’t? But deployment is fast enough and easy enough. The same is true for using a real device via USB. No problems except some 1.5 SDK woes with Linux. Solved in no time.

You also have some nice APIs to work with. Graphics, sound, IO, especially network IO. It’s all there.

But, on the other hand, you will encounter many dark areas quickly. Up until Android 2.x the whole EGL (the embedded OpenGL) thing is horribly broken in weird little ways. Leaking garbage, interrupting you application every few seconds for a few hundred milliseconds, not supporting proper extensions and at least EGL 1.1. Only EGL 1.0 is a requirement for Android devices. Horrible firmware-/device-specific issues like for example the Samsung Galaxy falling back to software rendering when you tell it to allocate less memory for EGL.

IO seems to be a bit slow. But I’m still investigating if I’m doing something wrong there. Or if there are better APIs or ways to store and retrieve data.

Anyway, I got JamJam running at nearly 30 FPS using EGL/OpenGL or basic canvas graphics without too much tweaking. Acceptable for a first release, I guess. Funny enough I have no problems running the same game (and same code base) at 30-50 FPS on J2ME phones like the more (r/d)ecent Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones.

I have attached a first release of “DroidShock” to this post. I consider this a free demo version of JamJam for Android. I’ll add versions supporting other screen sizes during the next few days. Let me know if you’re interested in helping me out with some alpha/beta testing on your device.


Release with Canvas graphics: DroidShock_DEBUG_CANVAS_320x480

Release with OpenGL graphics: DroidShock_DEBUG_OGL_320x480