Android on iPhone

Now this could be a reason to get an iPhone.

And so, finally, porn arrives on the iPhone.. :)


Why Android?

For some reason I prefer Android over the iPhone.

No, it’s not the tyranny of Apple over the developers. No, it’s not the fanboyism of the Apple users. No, it’s not the high price tag that says “I don’t care how much it is. I’m a superior being. I have to use Apple products.” No, it’s not the horrible look of the Cococa UI. No, it’s not Apple’s defense of its intellectual property rights against other phone manufactures. (Because Apple really build the first phone on this planet! And sure does it make sense to stifle innovation by suing other companies over multi-touch patents and the like.) And of course, for me as a developer, it’s not related to Apple’s latest 3.3.1 developer agreement changes. (There simply isn’t anything better than Cococa and Objective-C in this world. I enjoy having Apple dictate what I do.. :-)

No, it’s none of that..

Honestly, I didn’t know the answer up until now: “Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone”

Now I know..


DroidShock – Initial Test Release

A few days ago I finished tweaking the touch controls of DroidShock. The initial release is up on the Android Market. Grab it and add a rating.. :)

A project page is located on IntensiCode.

There’s still a long way to go before a commercial release makes sense. Don’t even get me started talking about ‘device fragmentation’. And let’s not talk about the crappy quality of some of the popular devices’ touch screens. Please.



Growing Object-Oriented Software Guided by Tests

I just finished reading through the book. Another very insightful and interesting read. Highly recommended.

Keywords: End-to-end tests (“system level tests”), integration tests, unit tests.

If you struggle with test being too complicated or too brittle, or not being sure how to test something like a persistence layer, this book is for you.

Other books I recommend in this context: Clean Code, Test Driven Development. By Example, Working Effectively with Legacy Code, The Pragmatic Programmer, .. And, more in general, I guess most of those found here.