The App Store Myth

before i started android development i did a quick analysis of the apple app store. i came up with some roughly comparable numbers as shown in this Communities Dominate Brands post.

the reason i chose the android platform is that you may still have some kind of first mover advantage. well, second mover. or third mover by now. but you get the point, right? :-)

now.. i still don’t get it why people are flocking like crazy to this weird apple world.. where apple sure makes some big bucks.. but apart from them, only a handful of developers are getting lucky..

of course there’s the coolness factor. it’s not all about money. but it’s very subjective. and for me google wins over apple.. evil both they are, of course.. but who isn’t?

anyway, just my two cents..


Eeanee Artwork Collection – Android Wallpaper Edition

Here’s a little gem for you..

I’ve created a small application with the most famous works of Benita Winckler of Eeanee fame. Can be considered the “official and authorized” Eeanee Artwork Collection for Android.. :-)

Hit the Android Market and search for Eeanee or Benita. We (her and I) decided to add a €5.00 price tag. The images are available freely on her website, but the application gives you a nice way of browsing them on your phone and choosing your wallpaper.