The PlayStationPhone Phenomenon

From when I saw the first images of a rumored “PlayStationPhone” I knew this could be big for Android. The games I’m interested in don’t work well with touch controls. They need a game pad and or a analog or digital stick. With something like the PlayStationPhone available people could develop on the beautiful Android platform and target a very much gaming-capable single device (or line of devices).

Now, if the “PlayStationSuite” becomes real it would really blow away much of the iOS hype that is still going around. If Sony starts a gaming-oriented app store and provides tools for developers to develop for it, this will be huge.

[Minor Rant – Start]
Then, hopefully, we don’t have to read stupid posts about fragmentation and all that crap anymore. Just stumbled upon this one a few hours ago. People don’t get it. They argue apples versus oranges.

You like webOS? Fine. Go with it. You’re an Apple fanboy? Fine. Stick with your iPhone. But none of these “reasons” invalidate Android as a competing platform. You “liking” webOS doesn’t mean Android is fragmented. Or Android development sucks. Because: Here’s an “eye opener” for you.. I “like” Android development. I don’t think it sucks. I don’t see fragmentation. I see a rich suite of different devices. I write my apps targeting the core Android platform and add optional features that activate when the device has the proper capabilities.

But: Maybe webOS development sucks? Maybe iOS development sucks? Doh. Kindergarden.. :)
[Minor Rant – End]



Men of a Certain Age

Didn’t see this one coming. But the new (2nd season running right now) TV show “Men of a Certain Age” is good. Really good.

So if you’re bored with what’s around, go and check it out..


MysticJamJam – Beautiful Blocks!

We have just released MysticJamJam to the Android Market. This version of JamJam features the beautiful artwork of Benita Winckler aka Miyagu. Check out here gallery on CGsociety.

Watch a short game-play video on YouTube.