Google, Android Market, Terms of “Service”..

Seriously. This is not funny anymore. Google deleted the Android Market account of my business partners again. Without letting us know what the issue is. All you get in this situation when contacting Google is an automated response. So we understand we have violated Google’s Terms of Service. But they don’t tell us what exactly we did. Well. Nice going.

Now I wish Microsoft would get its act together and build a decent mobile OS to crush Google/Android. But no hope there. And Apple, well, they couldn’t stop the Android train rolling over them. Evil Google..

Hey, just kidding..

Anyway, for now JamJam is not available from the Android Market anymore. But you can find it on the Psychocell Homepage and in some other app stores.



Open Feint? Open Feint JamJam!

I have released a first version of Open Feint JamJam on the Android Market.

Open Feint JamJam

Took me a few days to integrate Open Feint because of my custom IntensiBuild build system. I do wonder why SDKs have to rely on the standard Android build process. It’s not rocket science to create a simple JAR based library instead of an Android library. And don’t even get me started on handling the resources.. :-)

Anyway, the new version of JamJam has an online leaderboard and tracks achievements online, too. I have a few online/offline issues to fix. But I’m looking forward to seeing some real competition soon. During a test game today on my HTC Tattoo I started off the hiscore hunt with a nice 60k+ score.


Achievements!? God bless you..

Just noticed that I totally forgot to write about the new achievements system integrated into JamJam.

When I started looking at Open Feint and Scoreloop I suddenly developed a certain interest in.. well.. achievements.

For JamJam I’m gonna start off easy and I’ve implemented only the achievement part for now. This was actually quite fun. I had to play test all these achievements. Most are easy enough for a seasoned JamJam player. But Drop Madness and Massive Reduce are a bit tricky. It was good fun testing these. And it took me about five days (not full time of course.. ;-) of play testing until I had the parameters right and successfully completed each achievement.

Drop Madness Icon Drop Madness Icon

Right now I’m working on the Open Feint edition. I’ll look at Scoreloop next. But then I have something more planned for the achievement system. Like a secret bonus. (Plus an obvious bonus I guess. We’ll see.)

Anyway, cheers!


Thoughts on Nokia

Stumbled upon this DZone post: Nokia and Microsoft: a few thoughts

Maybe Nokia is trying to be(come) a software company when it should stick with what it knows (knew?) about best: Building phone hardware.

Anyway, it would probably not have hurt Nokia to build a small task force and have them create a few phones using Android. Maybe release the same hardware with different naming for the different OS used on it? And then just let the market decide. Sometimes the market does a better job than “management”.

And I wonder if there is a way to really free Symbian and have a community develop a phone OS. Probably too much of a (security) risk. But this way Nokia could stick with serveral OS choices (Symbian, Android, WP7, MeeGo?) based on integration task forces – and focus on bringing good hardware to the life.

But then again, maybe HTC has taken this role and Nokia just had its time..


JamJam with Open Feint support

I have uploaded a very early release of JamJam with Open Feint support to the Android Market. Just testing the basic integration for now. Leaderboard and some achievements. More achievements and other features are following soon.

Link to Android Market page:

If you want to help us out testing this thing: Drop me a mail with your purchase order id or your name and i’ll refund you the EUR 1.00 after you bought the game.