The Sergeant

While driving through my hood I noticed a new bike shop. Unfortuntaly I stopped to check it out. So I took home with me a new bike.. :)

Here’s a first picture of the bike after doing some initial work on it:


It’s like a BMX Cruiser / MTB thing.. Should be a lot of fun.. :)


Biking Season – A good start :)

Last week I started the biking season. I’ve been riding a Chase since August last year. Nice bike.. it’s on the pictures below..

Anyway, after a 15 minute cruise through the city I arrived at one of Berlin’s bigger parks. I’m basically a street and trial driver, not very much into anything really dangerous. God only knows why on my first day of this year’s biking season I decided to take a few shortcuts down a hill in that park.

I know most of these routes and I know what to expect at the end of them.. But somehow I got confused.. :)

Eveything looked OK from above:

Trail 1Trail 2

Unfortunately I realized only after the ‘drop’ that this is how the end of the shortcuts looks:

Drop 120060511(003).jpg

I’m not sure which of these two shortcuts I took, I’m just happy that I landed OK and merely got a nasty wound at my left leg from the pedals.. because I slipped from the pedals after the ‘touch down’..

Boy was I lucky.. :)

Good start into the season!

Ride on!