Done Ur Dishes..

..Me Need A Break Now


In case you haven’t seen this link in my sidebar, yet:

It’s my lady-friend’s site. She’s a freelance graphics artist. Apart from all her beautiful fantasy artwork the one thing I love the most are The Fluxes™. She created them for one of the Symbian (mobile phone) games a friend (of D-Lusion fame) and I wrote a few years ago. It should still be around somewhere on The.Berlin.Factor or Intensi.Code.

Here’s my favourite flux image that I proudly wear on a t-shirt:

The Fluxes

The game is a BomberMan-clone where The Fluxes™ run around throwing these acid-slime balls on each other. Good fun. Well, BomberMan is a classic. All credit must probably go to Hewson..



Here’s an extract of my web-site log for this month:

1 	99018 	52.04% 	Internet Explorer 6.0 (Windows)
2 	82229 	43.21% 	Netscape 5.0 or Firefox

This is half a year ago:

1 	49784 	62.01% 	Micro$oft Internet Exploder
2 	27555 	34.32% 	Netscape

I like that development..


Free Climbing considered healthy?

I don’t understand why some of my computer buddies go (free) climbing.. risking their necks.. when they could be coding.. :)

But reading about something like e-thrombosis puts it all in a different light.. :)

I’m glad I spent at least half of my time coding while standing.. I found a nice little espresso bar with free WLAN.. If you should ever be in Berlin, believe me that this is the place you want to visit for a nice espresso or latte macchiato.. It’s called Tres Cabezas and is located near the “Ostkreuz”.. Anyway, the ‘tables’ have the perfect height for coding while standing.. Forget Starbucks (at least the one in Berlin).. Seriously..

Anyway, got distracted. Back to work now.. :)


Directory Opus: Aliases

alright.. a little gem.. you know about bookmark keywords, right? so you got about 1 million bookmarks (why?) and 10 of them are somewhat important. with firefox (and other browsers :) you can give those important bookmarks a keyword. then you enter this keyword in the address bar of the browser and the associated bookmark is loaded. you could use ‘gn’ for ‘’ for example.

well, dopus let’s you do this on your file system. there are ‘favorites’ (bookmarks) in dopus. and you can define aliases. then you enter ‘/’ in the lister address bar and you navigate to ‘/some/really/long/path/somewhere/else’.

just a little feature.. but sooo good to have.. i use this for example to alias certain locations on my samba server’s file system. like the main sections of my web-sites, or my cruisecontrol home, and so on..


Directory Opus Rulez

if you’re still using the windows explorer for file management or if you’re still stuck with one of the old school file management solutions (total/speed commander and the like) you simply have to check out directory opus: bringing the file management solution from the old amiga days to the pc and taking things a step further every day.

dopus is not limited to a single window with two lister panes. dopus replaces the windows explorer with new improved explorer windows.

i think dopus compares to all other file management solutions like intelli/j idea compares to eclipse. it’s not a generic file management framework where you can plugin tools and stuff in generic ways. but it is an integrated solution that has defined ways of extending it by plugging in tools and scripts.

there are pros and cons about this. above everything else i’m missing a nice lister/vfs api. one of the strengths the other file managers have: you can write a WebDAV vfs plugin if you want. but then again, i’m not missing it that much.. because dopus is just sooo useful with its built in feature set.

i’ll blog about some of these features from time to time, to share my excitement with you.. :)


Windows Kiosk Mode Quick Hack

Following this information

it is quite easy to replace the windows explorer.exe with for example a kiosk.bat from which you could start Firefox or whatever tools you want to be running in ‘kiosk mode’.

Some additional reg hacks make sure the taskmanager is disabled. Setting some file permissions makes sure the file system can’t be tampered with.

Obviously this is still a very insecure system. But it fits my needs for setting up a laptop in kiosk mode for a small espresso bar around the corner.. The bar, btw, is highly recommended: If you should ever be in the east part of Berlin, drop by. I’ll probably be around.. :)