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Food Inc

I know it doesn’t make much sense to appeal to you people out there about this.. In a world gone mad.. What’s the point? But hey, you just ignore it then, aight?

Get this movie and watch it:
Food Inc at IMDB
Food Inc Homepage
Food Inc at TPB

Enjoy Life! Respect Life! Go Vegan!

There are so many things in life you can have fun with.. Make your choices.. Wisely..


On Piracy

Finally some intelligent words on software piracy: Ignore Software Pirates Check out the /. comments, too.

I personally think that copy protection and fighting piracy implies you have a shoddy product and you’re trying to get as much money out of it as you can. Ok. Oversimplifying a bit.

Now take another useless comment like this from the Tetris father.

Of course this is a high level system discussion. But putting wealth and prosperity over freedom (of any kind – and for god’s sake, FOSS is about freedom :) is plain and simple stupid.

Anyway.. the world we live in.. funny..


Proud to be a Human..

Found this one on The.Pirate.Bay: The Emotional World of Farm Animals

Right now it’s still on Google Video. You can find some more videos there from the same user. Fucked up world.

Sometimes it feels really good to be part of this intelligent and highly educated race.. :/


Pirates ftw!

Two amazing things about this /. article: Interview With Pirate Party Leader Rick Falkvinge

First: I nearly lost hope in face of all this stupid surveillance, IP and enforcing copyright crap going on world-wide. Let’s hope Sweden will save our freedom! It looks like Rick Falkvinge knows what he is doing. Let’s hope there are some more wise men around who stand up against the big companies. Being in Germany, it’s weird to know that everything I’m doing right now in the Internet, every web site I read, every link i click, every post I write, is logged by my ISP and available to “authorities”. Good job, Germany! Yes, you got me. I’m an evil terrorist trying to copy Hollywood movies and sell them for big money. Woohoo.. :)

Second: Read through the /. comments. There are really people who don’t get it. How brain dead must one be to think that all that is going on in the last few years with software patents, DRM, enforcing copyrights will help us? It’s like starting a war after a terrorist attack. Doh..

Make fucking love – not war.
Give – don’t take.




in case you haven’t seen it: Zeitgeist – The Movie



No point in picking out this one dude with his very intelligent article. The whole concept of ‘media’ is based on pushing intelligent articles out to the intelligent masses.. But here it is anyway.. :)

Cruelty and the kitchen

Who decides, and how, which cruelties are acceptable, and which not?

Doh. How about no cruelty, stupid?

Man, how I wish I could change this world. Really change it. Twelve monkeys style. Sigh.

Less bloody now..

Mars bars get veggie status back


Bloody Chocolate

Bloody Chocolate

“extremely strict vegetarian”?

I’m truly sorry for this race..

Man, I need to spend more time working on my spare-time projects. Reading ‘news’ kills me..

Amen. I guess.


1 Billion

Eco-Extremist Wants World Population to Drop below 1 Billion

Funny how no one seems to ‘get it’:

Apparently, saving the whales is more important than saving 5.5 billion people.

Of course you don’t get it unless you admit you’re part of a massive group of idiots. This is where you have to start.

And Watson may not have the perfect solution, but it’s a lot better than just continuing to drive your fucking car and feasting on industrially produced living beings without any decency or respect..

Personally I think we would be pretty much OK with a few million humans. One billion might still be a lot of a*holes to cope with.. :)

Anyway, don’t take my word for it. Check out the comments on Notice this reference in the comments: Georgia Guidestones :)

Seriously, I know ignorance is bliss. But you should consider the possibility that a lack of intelligence and/or wisdom plays its part in your understanding of things.

But when – even on a mental site like :) – a few ppl understand what’s going on.. maybe there’s hope left..



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